by Vasari



released June 27, 2017

Music and most lyrics by Vasari

All songs written on the seventh moon of Darkmund by Matin Vasari

Matin Vasari: Vocals, synthesisers, additional rhythm and lead guitars

A galactic thank you goes to the following people involved in creating this album:

Christian Kolf: Session rhythm and lead guitars
Jan Buckard: Session bass guitar and backing vocals on Elliptical Orbit
Patrick Schroeder: Session drums

Björn Klaus: Narration on Rendezvous
Lev Sloujitel : Narration on Colony
Jonathan Fisher: Trumpet on Stars in the Night
Markus Fröhlich: Narration on Journey Beyond Tomorrow
Thomas Vormann: Additional lead guitar on Stars in the Night and guitar on Odyssey in Green

Drums and some vocals recorded at Make-My-Day Studios, ISS Bonn. Guitars recorded at DH Studios, ISS Bonn. Bass, trumpet and some more vocals recorded at Kinderzimmer Studio, on the seventh moon of Darkmund. Lev Sloujitel was recorded at Whalevomit Studios, LIC, New York, Old Earth, by David Alexander. Vocals recorded with Shure SM58; no headphones and pop filters were used. Say no to headphones while recording vocals!

Mixed and mastered by Armin Rave at Soundsight Studio, Spaceport Hennef.

Executive Producers: Matin Vasari and Jan Buckard

Logo: Jan Buckard

Cover artwork: Anaïs Chareyre

Cover layout and design: Jan Buckard

This album is dedicated to all the people who have shared with me the fascination with heavy metal over all these years: Dani, Vlad, Bubu, Koko, Patrick, Fluppes, Björn K., Vester, FOK13, Frank, Bobby, Björn B., Christoph, Hugo, Nico, Pepi, Yorck, Flo H., Münz, Lev Sloujitel, Heinrich, Julius, Gogo, Rafael, Thomas A., Rogelio, Justus, Skruvhorn, Thomas H..

Galactic Hails to:
Valborg, Owl, Ekpyrosis, PINES, Klabautamann, and everyone of the Zeitgeister Clan, Maurice and Friedhelm of HAL's Voice, Chainmaster, Beyondition, Pig.

This album was inspired by: Hoshino Yukinobu's 2001 Nights (upon which the concept of this album was based), Quest for Glory III, space cookies, Anathema and many other 90s Peaceville bands, Michael Whelan, Nocturnus, Crimson Glory, Oxiplegatz, Virgin Steele, Arcturus, Manilla Road, Sins of a Solar Empire, Ypsilon, Alien, Mundanus Imperium, Bathory.

To every love that should not be: there is a star forever shining in the night.


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Track Name: Elliptical Orbit
On Our continent three hundred thousand people die of starvation every day. Tell me-- why don't you send our continent the food and goods you send to the moon? That was the point of our political uprising. We may have been defeated in the African war, but we will get our message across--by force if necessary.

Comet – Orbit
Track Name: Maelstrom
Caught in space alone and by myself
One chance only left for me to live
Dave my partner just died in his sleep
Sliced by an asteroid's tiny piece

I'm like a kite whose string's cut off
Millions of kilometers from the birthplace of mankind
A tiny spider walking along a huge web
It's too early to give up on Earthians
I'm Frank C. Borman, an astronaut
Riding the maelstrom of solar wind
Release when I face the sun
Track Name: An Hour's Song in a Birdless Sky
Time flies
Bird’s mind
New age

Solo: Kolf
Track Name: Rendezvous
Colourful dreams, unending in unending slumber
Somewhere beyond the solar system deep in space
Faster than light how can I be still alive
It's only my mind that's soaring through these endless galaxies

On a distant planet, a small life, breathing its last, saw it all in an instant-- the vast universe, the shapes of other life forms... She had the same experience as every dying being in the universe, and every person sleeping in a hibernation capsule. She made her rendezvous. But there is no one to remember, no one to tell. The Milky Way, a magnificent river Lethe...
Track Name: Lights of Heaven
Solo: Vasari
Track Name: Cosmo Canyon
To Cosmo Canyon all of us were going
To Cosmo Canyon, all of our companions
To Cosmo Canyon all of us were going
To Cosmo Canyon, oh, we're going

To Cosmo Canyon, uuuuuhhhhuuuhh
To Cosmo Canyon, ooooooohhoooohhhhooohhhh
To Cosmo Canyon all of us were going
To Cosmo Canyon, uuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhh, we're going

Solo: Vasari
Track Name: Lucifer Rising

The Pope wants to send a mission to Mars
But Mars just covers up this Faustian farce
The Antithesis, enemy of who believes in Trinity
And our Saviour Lord Jesus Christ

The Black Morning Star is rising at last
The final event 'fore the apocalypse starts
But we won't timidly await the things to come
No, we will face the great deceiver eye for an eye!

Track Name: Earthglow
Advent earthglow
Track Name: Final Evolution
Black hole
Track Name: Colony
Then i saw it. Those things mimicked the appearance of strong creatures. If a stronger predator came along, then those things changed as well. I couldn't forgive it. Even if they were harmless creatures, I couldn't forgive them for taking Stella's face, her body. I'd kill every last of them. I should have realised then...! Even after it had breathed its last, this Stella didn't change its shape. Then it was me, they'd all become me! The same eyes were quietly staring at me...endlessly!
Track Name: Children of Earth
I was born on the moon
I am growing old
Three centuries passed
And we leave soon

Take you - children
Take you - with us

We are new generation
Can't settle down
Pushing across the sea of stars
Our bane and boon

Gene pool - old blood
Ages - voyage

Children of earth - you must not die
Children of earth - you must be free under the sun on days and stars in the night

Solo: Vasari
Track Name: A Stranger's Footsteps (bonus track)
What am I? For what reason do I exist here? So many little beings - swift and free. Do they know what they are? A complex and strange flavour. I will wait eternally...
Track Name: Stars in the Night (bonus track)
Stars in the night
Shining like love so bright

Lazarus, oh Lazarus
I've made it in time, I've made it in time
Track Name: Journey beyond Tomorrow (bonus track)
Now, it is still again.
Endless space and infinite time are spreaded out before me.
It is impossible for me to either slow down or return.
My name is Rocket. I am Rocket.

For you who should arrive on this planet 300 years from now, I leave this message.
Brothers and sisters, my yet unborn brothers and sisters, travelling toward this, your new home, from somewhere in the darkness of space! Please accept this small gift. And please remember, your father, your mother, and I are with you.

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